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North American Hides And Skins
We Supply Raw Materials To The Leather Industry
Products and Services We Provide

Cattle Hides and Skins

    Northwoods buys and sells hides and skins on a weekly basis.  We have global relationships
    with leather producers, sales agents, leather product producers as well as hide and skin
    suppliers in North America.  We have the resources to find buyers and sellers of raw hides and
    skins. If you are looking for a reliable supply of hides and skins for your leather production or a
    hide and skins supplier looking to sell your product contact Northwoods International for your
    Hide and Skin needs.       

    For more than a quarter of a century our staff has been sourcing raw hides and skins in North
    America.  Our staff is familiar with Transportation, Production, Documentation as well as Sales
    and Marketing.  We can help you with any aspect of Hide and Skin Transportation, Production,
    Plant design and start up, Documentation and help you with Sales and Marketing.  Whatever
    your needs are in raw hides and skins contact Northwoods International for the Knowledge,
    service and reliability you need for your opeartion.  We provide both short and long term
    solutions for your operation..

    We are represented around the Globe in all major hide and skin markets.  Northwoods
    International has established relationships with leather producers around the globe.  
    Northwoods International is positioned to help you market your production of hides and skins
    through a customized marketing agreement designed to fit your specific needs.  We can design
    a plan for you from financing and payments to sales, marketing and logistics.  Contact
    Northwoods International for additional information.
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Raw Materials - Our Products
    Butt Branded Steer Hides

    Branded Steer Hides

    Branded Heifer Hides

    Branded Holstein Steers

    Number 3 Hides and Skins

    BMHC Sow Skins   

    Bull Hides

    Conventional and Fleshed Native Cow Hides

    Conventional and Fleshed Holstein Cow Hides
Northwoods International