"The Standard To Which All Others Are Compared"
BMHC Hide Company


BMHC has its Corporate and Sales Office in Fort Worth, TX, production facility in Kankakee, IL, Sales
and Distirbution in Leon, GTO Mexico  and a Wisconsin Sales Office located in Crivitz, WI.

BMHC has partnered with one of the Best Sausage Companies in the world to process and market
their production of sow skins.   The product is handled from removal to selection to give the tanning
industry a consistent high yielding product that out performs its competition on every level.  

Contact Information

Ft. Worth, TX  Corporate and Sales Office     817-626-6586

Green Bay, WI Sales Office    888-588-3009

Kankakee, IL Production Facility     815-802-1894

Leon, GTO Mexico Sales and Distribution Center   52-477-217-08-97
BMHC Hide Company
Premium U.S.A. Sow Skins