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History Of Leather And Its Uses

Long  before the "digital age", Hides, Skins and Leather played an important role in the Global
Economy, creating the Global Village, just as they do today.  Leather is perhaps civilization's earliest
example of successful environmental responsibility, waste management and product recycling. It was
- and is - a by-product of the Agrifood industry. Our distant ancestors recognized the value of using
every part of an animal, to eat, to make tools and to stay warm. All early societies revered the animals
that provided them with the necessities of life, especially leather.

As early civilizations evolved, they discovered new ways of utilizing leather by manipulating it’s ability to
change appearance and purpose. The development of shoes enabled people to travel greater
distances. When different cultures migrated and mingled, Leather was a common bond and ideas
were shared.  In a sense,leather was humanity's first rapid transit system. Society, technology and art
evolved due to advancements in the manufacturing and manipulation of leather.

Chinese currency of the second century B.C. was made of leather.  The Romans also used leather
coins. The English word "pecuniary", meaning monetary rewards, comes from the Latin word "pecos"
for hide. Even as late as WWI, leather coins were used in Germany.  

One of the earliest forms of soccer was played in China. Almost 1,500 years ago, they kicked around a
leather ball. It is known for sure that a soccer game was played in 611 A.D. in the ancient Japanese
capital Kyoto.

Today,  raw hides, skins and the resulting leather are used in footwear, garments, furniture,
automobiles, sports equipment and a variety of personal items.  If you are a raw hide and skin supplier
looking to market your product or a tanner from somewhere around the globe looking to source raw
hides and skins for your leather production contact Northwoods International for the Knowledge,
Service and Reliability that you need.  Please check out our products and services page as well as our
contact page and thank you for visiting our website
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Who Is Northwoods International

Northwoods International supplies Raw Cattle Hides and Skins to Leather Manufactures around the
world.  With over a quarter century experience we offer the Knowledge, Service and Reliability that both
Raw Cattle Hide and Skin Suppliers from North America and Leather Producers around the globe

Northwoods International is a Hide Trading, Consulting and Marketing Company.  From our office in
Crivitz, WI we buy and sell hides, work with Hide and Skin Suppliers from North America with their short
and long term needs with Hide Production, Sales, Transportation, Documentation and Marketing of
their products to the Global Leather Manufacturing Industry and source raw materials for the Global
Leather Industry..
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